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Physical Therapy at NHC Murfreesboro

Physical Therapy

Helping patients regain their strength and mobility, manage pain or adapt to a permanent disability.

At NHC Murfreesboro, physical therapy is a rehabilitative service helpful for these conditions:

  • Intervention for cerebrovascular accidents (i.e. strokes), orthopedic injuries and surgeries, developmental delays, and other disorders
  • Restores function, improves mobility, manages pain
  • Aids in the prevention or limitation of disabilities as a result of injury or disease
  • Reduces pain and increases range of motion through electrical stimulation, hot and cold therapy, massage, and other physical and electrical modalities
  • Mobility training using prostheses, wheelchairs, canes, crutches, and walkers
  • Using the Omni-VR system, a virtual 3D gaming device, to regain mobility, strength, balance and movement

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